Our Favorite Travel Stroller: the Summer Infant 3D Lite


A stroller is arguably one of the most important pieces of travel gear a young family can bring on a trip. It will help you transport your little one with ease, sure, but it can also give them a place to nap on the go and hold all your extra stuff, keeping your hands free for more important stuff (like 'gramming your third gelato of the day).

A good stroller will make your life easier, but choosing the right one isn't quite so simple. Before our first big trip with baby, we read countless reviews and tried out dozens of strollers before deciding on one that we've really grown to love: the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. Here's why we love it.

Summer Infant stroller

1. It's affordable. Travel strollers from brands like Uppababy and Babyzen can push $400 or more. And while we heard great things about some of these strollers, we didn't want to drop that kind of cash on something we knew would take a beating between flights and the miles we planned to put on it. We wanted to stay under $100, and the 3D Lite stroller fits the bill.

2. It's lightweight and compact. At 12 pounds, the Summer Infant stroller is lighter than many of its competitors. It also breaks down easily (you can do it one-handed once you get the hang of it), and it comes equipped with a convenient strap so you can toss if over your shoulder when climbing up stairs.

3. The seat reclines nearly flat. When we're traveling, naptime often happens on the go, and a comfy seat ensures that baby will get a decent nap. We generally just drape a muslin blanket over the stroller to keep things shady.

4. It has easily accessible storage space. There's a basket underneath where you can stash your bag, a little pocket with a velcro closure on the back for things you need to reach quickly, and there's even a cupholder (although ours sadly broke off on one of the stroller's first flights). 

5. It's easy to navigate. Sure, we've tried smoother strollers, but we've also tried some that are nearly impossible to navigate—and this one works just fine. If you're looking for a stroller that drives like a Lexus, you'll have to pay the price. This one is more like a Honda, which is just fine for us.

6. It's durable. We've put our Summer Infant stroller through its paces, taking it with us on family trips to Europe and around the U.S. It's also become our go-to stroller when we're at home because our son prefers it to the more expensive GB stroller we bought before he was born.

What we'd change: There's only one issue we've had with this stroller, and it's the canopy. It's adjustable, but it's pretty small, and it really doesn't provide much shade. We always make sure baby is wearing a hat for sun protection, and we bring along a lightweight blanket or scarf in case we need to create more serious shade.

Want to check out the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller? Use this link to help support Parennial Travel!

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