Family Travel Spotlight: Kids Go Places

Adventuring from their native Australia to Yosemite, Singapore and beyond, KidsGoPlaces is a family of four that always keeps us inspired with their family travel InstaBlog. We chatted with KidsGoPlaces' travel mom Penny about travel gear, packing, and planning a kid-friendly itinerary. 
Parennial Travel: How has your family's travel style evolved as your family has grown?
Kids Go Places: I think we are still very similar actually, we love adventure and being on the go. I think it’s just become easier to do more in a day and go from place to place as the kids have gotten older and we don’t have to factor in nap time! So it allows us to do more ambitious trips! The kids seem to cope better than I do with travelling and sleeping in airports and on planes.
Kids Go Places Family Travel Blog
Parennial: What's the hardest part about traveling with kids? And the best?
KGP: The hardest would be at times when you really want to enjoy a moment and they decide to start fighting or tantruming!! The best is definitely making those memories and having those experiences together. It’s just so special and even though we still have difficult moments while travelling, it’s also when we have our happiest moments too.
Parennial: How do you approach packing for trips with your kids?
KGP: I’m a total overpacker! But I’m learning. We had to cut back on our last big trip to Japan and it was a challenge with bulky winter snow gear and then summer clothes for Singapore!! I just had to bring less and wash more often!
Family Travel Tips
Parennial: What are your favorite types of destinations? Any you avoid?
KGP: I guess we have avoided anywhere I feel may have safety issues. 
We love places that offer amazing outdoor adventures. We have been chasing the snow the last few years but now feel we need to chase some more sun! 
Parennial: What's some of your favorite family travel gear?
KGP: Quality winter wear has been a must to stay warm in freezing temps. Hokkaido, Japan was regularly at minus ten deg Celsius!
We loved our Kooshy Kids Kooshions for our night flights too! 
Kid Travel Tips
Parennial: What's your approach to planning an itinerary?
KGP: I research a lot but also try to leave something to the unexpected. As I don’t want to know exactly everything about a destination. As sometimes the best moments are a surprise! We had a really full-on itinerary in Japan so we are looking forward to a slower pace and some van life for our next trip where we can have the freedom to go where we want when we want and decide as we go!
Parennial: Any last words for families who are just getting into traveling with their kids?
KGP: Just do it! Make memories to last a lifetime! Start small if you are worried and build up. That’s what we did and it works well as you can see what your kids can handle and often they will surprise you! I love hearing them talk about our travels! 
These could be some of your happiest and most memorable times! 
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