Parennial Spotlight: Big Brave Nomad

Adventurous, upbeat, and yes, brave, the family behind the travel blog Big Brave Nomad are an awesome resource for family travel tips and inspiration. They've traveled the world with their two young kids in tow, returning with advice on everything from packing and gear to navigating far-flung destinations ranging from New Orleans to Budapest. Keep reading for our Q&A with Tavia of Big Brave Nomad!
Parennial Travel: What's the first major trip you took as a parent, and how did it go?
Big Brave Nomad: The very first international trip we took as parents were when our daughter was 6 months old; we took her to Germany, Austria and from the North to the South of Italy. It went amazingly.  

Family Travel Amsterdam
PT: What's your favorite trip you've taken with your kids? How about your least favorite? 
BBN: This is tough. I have so many amazing memories of all of our trips with our kids. Some of my favorites: Budapest, Vaduz, Amalfi Coast. My least favorite: Vienna, Austria.

PT: What's the biggest challenge you've encountered on the road, and how did you deal with it? 
BBN: One of our international trips we had a really tough jet lag experience... it took many days for our son to adjust. We reevaluated what we did, changed it the next trip, and neither kid had jet lag, surprisingly.

New Orleans with Kids
PT: What kind of packer are you? Any packing tips? 
BBN: We pack as light as possible. We have an entire blog on how we pack light with toddlers, but packing cubes are a really great way to start. You can visually see how much stuff each family member gets to bring.

PT: Any gear you always make sure to bring along? 
BBN: Toddler Tula, Sound Machine, Packing Cubes, Pockit Stroller, Essential Oils

PT: Do you experience pre-trip anxiety, and if so, how do you deal with it? 
BBN: When I travel alone with my kids, I do. I let myself play out (mentally) all of the scenarios that give me anxiety. I also relax and allow myself tons of grace on our most hectic travel days.

DC Family Travel
PT: How do you deal with travel burnout? 
BBN: We are fast-paced travelers. Our last trip we did 13 cities in 21 days across five countries in Europe. Our last stop was Paris and we did a lot of playground breaks, tons of coffee stops and we chose not to do a ton of museums. Read your family's signals and adjust your days accordingly.

PT: What's the biggest lesson you've learned while traveling with kids? 
BBN: It's worth every snag, fit, overnight flight or travel delay. My favorite and best memories of my children are when we are traveling. They love it. They remember more than you think they do!

Paris with kids travel
PT: Why is family travel important to you? 
BBN: Exposing children to other cultures, languages, and environments is crucial to their development. Much like school, traveling is an education in itself. We believe the more experiences we share with our kids, the stronger their confidence, morals, and understanding of others will be.
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