Parennial Spotlight: Thinking Nomads

Longtime travel bloggers Felicity and Marco Allegri (Non Solo Turisti) joined the ranks of family travel bloggers in 2013 when their first daughter Isabella was born. Two years later, Maya joined the family, and since then the Allegris have shown the world just how fun traveling with kids can be. Be sure to check out their blog Thinking Nomads for family travel guides, product reviews, and expert intel on navigating the world with little ones.

Parennial Travel: You became well-known as a travel blogger before having children. How has having kids changed the way you travel, and how you document your experiences?

Thinking Nomads: Yes, having children has changed the way we travel, although we are still adventurous and want to instill a sense of adventure in our daughters. We have to put their safety and happiness first, therefore we research and plan a destination a lot more than we did before kids. This is in turns means we are less spontaneous. We also travel much more slowly, spending more time in a destination. In terms of documenting our experiences we delay putting content up for security, so we usually post about a destination once we have left.

Family travel Thinking Nomads

PT: What are some challenges you have faced traveling with kids, and how do you deal with them?

TM: Food: Our kids are quite adventurous now, but finding food they can eat can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we prefer using Airbnb, so we have a kitchen and can prepare some simple meals which we are sure they will eat. Also good is such a big part of staying healthy.

Spending 24/7 together as a family can get pretty intense at times, and sometimes we needed a break. The best solution we found for this is to just to slow down. Which is what we did in Hoi An, Vietnam during our SE Asia trip. When we arrived in Hoi An we were all feeling a little worn out. So we rented a house for over a month and this allowed us to put the girls in a local kindergarten school for a month. This gave us all a break and it turned out to be a really rewarding experience for the whole family.

Travel with kids tips

PT: What are your favorite things to do with your daughters when traveling?

TM: We love finding a great beach with great snorkeling. Our daughters have just learnt to swim and love the water, we also love kayaking and paddle boarding, so if we can do that as well the whole family is content.

PT: Any gear you always travel with?

TM: Drone, Camera, Ipad.

PT: How do you deal with travel fatigue?

TM: When we are travelling to a new time zone we take Mellanton tablets on the first night.

PT: Any tips for people who are nervous about traveling with kids?

TM: Just do it. You will gain so much as a family both in getting to know each other and creating memories.

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