8 Emotions Every Parent Experiences Before Traveling with a Baby

We're all about inspiring confidence in parents who are hitting the road with baby, but let's be honest — you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions before even stepping foot on that plane (or train, or boat, or whatever your mode of transportation happens to be). It's all part of the experience. Here are a few of the most common sentiments you can expect when planning your trip with a baby.


1. Pure excitement. You've been pondering this trip for months, and you finally booked the tickets. If's official: You're taking your baby on an adventure, and you are stoked! It's gonna be so much fun! Do a happy dance!


2. Extreme focus. It's time to start planning! Google all the baby travel gear reviews and buy all the travel guides! Find kid-friendly restaurants and activities that won't also bore you to death! Research transportation details and weather and what the hell are you going to pack?


3. Regret. What are you doing? This is going to be too hard! Can you get a refund? What's the cancellation policy for your hotel? Who takes a baby on a trip like this? What were you thinking??


4. Commitment. OK. You can't get a refund. You're in it. No backsies. But it's going to be OK. You can do this. 


5. Distracted. Where did those travel guides go? They're probably hidden somewhere under the piles of laundry or stuffed animals or teething toys. Wait, where are you going again? When are you leaving? You know you've got a trip coming up, but you're also parenting a tiny human and it's kind of taking up a lot of your brain power.


6. Terror. You're leaving tomorrow. Repeat: YOU ARE LEAVING TOMORROW. You are taking your baby and flying across the ocean (or some other equally intimidating feat of endurance) within 24 hours and your anxiety is building and you can't sleep because you can't stop thinking about every worst-case scenario ever, and there are a surprising lot of them.


7. Zen. The day is here. You are doing it. The worst case scenarios are not happening. Your instincts are kicking in and your research is paying off, and you might hit a few roadblocks, but there's no turning back. You will get through this travel day and you will reach your destination, and it will be glorious, so help you god. 


8. Self-affirmation. You did it! You and your family made it to your destination in one piece! You feel happy and proud and a little bit more confident for your return journey. Hold on to that feeling. You're going to need it. 

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