Family travel pros share their favorite toys to take on the road

When traveling with kids, it can be tough to find a balance between overpacking and underpacking. While some items are obvious musts — think diapers, clothes, toiletries — other things fall in that grey area — particularly toys. Most experts will agree that traveling light is best with kids, but some toys are definitely worth packing. We asked a few of our favorite family travel experts about their favorite toys that they make space for in their luggage. Here's what they had to say:

"Stickers! Pages and pages of stickers! They take up very little space, are super inexpensive and there are endless play possibilities!" —aaadventureisoutthere 

"The mess-free markers and magnetic puzzles!" —OutOfOfficeFamily

"Window clings, iPads, Tegu magnetic blocks, dinosaurs." —BigBraveNomad

"I pick up a new coloring book and throw a few crayons/markers into a ziplock baggie. Because it’s new it will keep them interested on the plane and throughout the trip!" —babiespassports

"Our daughter likes small felt puzzles, magnetic drawing board, small container of play dough, magic marker sets and all kinds of stickers. Oh and small toy airplanes have been a huge hit!"melissa_travel_mode

"We do Water Wow books (Melissa and Doug), wipe clean books, sticker books, regular books, and audio books. Basically... just books." —BaconsOnTheRoad

"The Imagine Ink watercolor books are also small and don’t take up too much space. Havana is currently obsessed with these little squishy unicorn things that you can buy and they come in little balls. I bought a few of them for our recent trip. We also have an iPad filled with learning games and Disney movies."JetLifeBaby

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