Custom Family Trip Planning Services by Parennial Travel

Family travel planning services

If you want to travel with your family but are intimidated by the planning process, Parennial Travel can help! As experienced, detail-obsessed researchers and family travel experts, we can create a family-friendly itinerary for your next journey that is customized just for you and your crew. We specialize in European and North American travel, and we can plan everything from transportation and accommodations to restaurants and activities. With an expertly planned itinerary in hand, all you and your family will have to worry about is enjoying your next adventure together.

Custom family trip planning: How it works

Our ultimate goal is to take the stress out of family trip planning and help you feel the excitement and confidence that comes with a well-plotted journey. Here are the steps we’ll take to get there:

  1. You’ll fill out a brief survey to help us get to know your family and where you want to go. We’ll dig into your interests and travel style as well as your budget and any unique needs you may have.
  2. If needed, we’ll chat via phone call or Zoom to go over your survey results and answer any lingering questions.
  3. With all of the necessary information in hand, we will create a fully customized travel itinerary for your family that includes:

    Travel arrangements — May include recommendations for airfare, airport transportation, car rentals, and/or train tickets. These recommendations will take into account any needs such as car seat rentals and companies with family-friendly policies.
    Accommodations — We’ll dig deep to find the absolute best home base for your family in your destination, keeping in mind any must-have amenities — whether it be a bathtub, balcony, or bunk beds.
    Activities — We will provide a list of suggested activities for each destination based on your interests, timing, and budget including family-friendly museums, zoos, sporting events, festivals, and other attractions.
    Food — We will provide a list of vetted family-friendly restaurants for each destination as well as suggestions for where to buy groceries. 
    Extras — Want to book a babysitter for a parent’s night out? Rent scooters for your kids? Book a family photoshoot at your destination? We’ll make recommendations for anything you need to make your family getaway extra special.

  4. We will present your complete itinerary to you in an attractive, easy-to-read format. This will serve as your personal digital guidebook on your trip. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the itinerary, you are allowed up to two revisions.
  5. Once the itinerary is approved, we will provide the necessary links for you to quickly and easily book transportation and accommodations.
  6. With your itinerary complete and your trip booked, we will invoice you a flat fee for our services.

What you’ll get 

We’re not just handing you a list of flights and hotels to book. We are handing you a complete and fully customized itinerary in the form of a personal guidebook for you and your family. This full-color, editorial-style digital guidebook will include not only recommendations (from cafes to playgrounds) but also helpful tips  — such as what to pack for your destination and what to expect from the weather. We will also create a custom Google map for each destination, making it super-easy to navigate every step of the way.

Paying for family trip planning services: Is it worth the investment?

You’ve probably heard the joke about how traveling with kids is just a trip, not a vacation. As much as we cringe at that assessment, we also realize that there’s some truth to it — if you don’t plan your travel appropriately.

You really can’t just wing it when traveling with kids. If you truly want to enjoy your family travels, you’ll need to put extra effort into every step of the planning process, from finding family-friendly accommodations to having a back-pocket list of eateries that will please everyone in the family. Research is crucial, from scouring Airbnb reviews to mapping out attractions.

Traveling with family is a major expense, but if you don’t plan it well, it will feel like a major waste of money. When you find yourself squeezed into an uncomfortable hotel room in an inconvenient location, eating at a subpar restaurant, or wasting hours waiting in line at an ultimately disappointing attraction — then you’ll know exactly what we mean. 

Investing in professional family trip planning services ensures that your family will be set up to make the most of every moment of your adventure together. You can go into your journey with the confidence that comes from thoughtful planning, knowing that your investment was well-spent.

The Parennial Travel philosophy on family travel

We believe that family travel is something to be savored — not dreaded or feared. We believe that sharing our love of exploration with our children can shape them into better people.

Sure, travel changes when you become a parent. Everything changes. We are realistic about our expectations and strategic about our approach to travel. We know that, with the right tools and mindset, every adventure can be enlightening, fulfilling, and most of all, fun — for us and our children!

Ready to get started on your family travel itinerary? Send us an email with the basic details of your dream family vacation (location(s), length of stay, budget), and we’ll send you a customized quote for our family vacation planning services. 

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